Moving cards out

I went looking through my cards because I met my first (that I can remember) Cardinals fan in real life at church on Sunday.

Church was social-distanced and masked and split into two sessions, so no worries there.

Anyway, I found that I have quite a few Cardinals cards. Because I’m still in school, I deal mostly in commons and lower-end cards.

A selection of the Cards.

I also noticed that I had more Braves cards for my brother-in-law. He’s getting back into baseball cards and I had previously given him a good batch.

The Braves.

I’m also going to actually document my cards on here. At least until life gets too busy again. I’ve updated my collecting goals after reading this post on SABR’s Baseball Card Committee’s blog. I want to experience the “vintage” collecting where it’s not even possible to buy the complete set on eBay, which makes anything you get fair game. In order to do that, I want to try to collect the complete set of rainbow foil parallels of 2020 Topps. I will adjust as I see how it goes.

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